Historic Upstairs-Downstairs Tours in Three Rivers!

Have you ever been curious about what’s inside and above the old Victorian storefronts of Main street? Now you have a chance to take a peek! Our recent TBC series has been learning about the architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright, historic building preservation and restoration, and the mystery of Blue Balliet’s The Wright 3. In light of this series, you’re invited to attend the Upstairs-Downstairs tour of the historical downtown area of Three Rivers!

Eight upstairs units will be on display, plus many street level spaces, with special historic commentary. The tour will be a wonderful opportunity to appreciate the gift of our local historic architecture and see what creative uses the spaces are enjoying today!

This event will be FREE for TRPL teens, sponsored by Three Rivers Library, with adult tickets at $10 per person and $15 per couple.  All proceeds will benefit downtown efforts to sponsor free, family-friendly activities throughout the year! Take advantage of this opportunity to learn about the historic Victorian buildings of Three Rivers. If your parents would like to attend as well, they can check in and buy tickets the day of the tour at Lowry’s or the Riviera.



Visit the Facebook Event or e-mail Stephanie at smorgan@threeriverslibrary.org for further info.


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