TRPL Hunger Games–Results are coming!

Greetings, fans of The Hunger Games!

Congratulations to the participants in the TRPL Hunger Games competition last evening at the Library! We kicked off the event with a viewing of the Official trailer for the upcoming Hunger Games movie, appearing March 23, 2012.

We created our very own 1st annual TRPL Hunger Games here at the Library. Three Rivers area “tributes” were assigned to a District in the “Reaping” in order to compete against one another in the Library arena. Using their unique knowledge of Hunger Games characters, plot scenarios, basic survival skills, and their imaginations, each tribute raced into each region of the building–the lake, river, field, forest, and cave. Upon arriving in a region, tributes would encounter a survival scenario similar to the events in The Hunger Games book. This would require imagination to get out of danger and survive as well as to uncover valuable information from library resources (i.e. reference section, the Michigan room, the Arc of Justice display, magazine section, and the fiction section).

Each participant would then return to the Library Gamemakers (Capital Representatives) to see if they completed the challenge. If not, each tribute received a “death” mark, and went on to the next challenge. Creative responses and completed challenges received points to aid the overall score.  However, if two characters stumbled upon the same location simultaneously, they would be subject to Hunger Games Trivia-off–a competition to answer questions quickly and correctly. The winner received a “sponsorship” to aid them in the Games.

Tributes also participated in “nationally televised” Capital interviews. Each tribute met with a Capital representative and had to prove themselves in front of the camera and an imaginary Panem audience. Particularly charming or fierce tributes would gain additional sponsorship through these interviews. In the end, the tribute with the most challenges completed and the least “death” marks win the Games.

Stay tuned, results are being calculated and will be revealed soon!

Join us next week for the Hunger Games costume competition! (November 21, from 7:00-8:30pm) Come dressed as any character from the novel. There will be prizes for contestants!

Happy Hunger Games! And may the odds be ever in your favor.


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