Monthly Zine-Making Workshops

Attention writers, crafters, creators, and music lovers! Blogging got you down? Tired of merely expressing yourself through Facebook status updates? Take your talent to print by learning how to edit, layout, and print your own zine. During the first Thursday of every month, TRPL will host a zine-making workshop from 4:00-5:30pm!

“Whatcha Mean, What’s a Zine!?” you might ask.  Zines are cheaply made printed forms of expression in the form of mini-magazines or home-made comic books about favorite bands, funny stories, sub-cultures, personal collections, comix anthologies, diary entries, pathetic report cards, chain restaurants, and anything else. Zines are not a new idea–they have been around under different names (chapbooks, pamphlets, flyers). People with independent ideas have been getting their word out since there were printing presses. It’s a giant feeling to hold copies of your zine in your hand.

Zines can look like just about anything, and are for anyone that has something to say. These publications are handmade, and anyone can take part. We’ll use typewriters, pens, tape, photocopiers, magazines, staples, our own writing/drawings/photos, and our imaginations. And lastly, your zines are read by anyone willing to take a look, from concert-goers and the mail man to people on the bus.
Anyone ages 11-20 can take part, just bring your imaginative thinking caps and any odd drawings, images, writings, etc. that you can find.
There will be snacks!

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