2011 YA Wrap-Up


Well, it’s been a splendid past few months of settling into a job working with teens at TRPL. We’ve been working through a few compelling reads involving mysterious Frank Lloyd Wright architecture and book thievery in WWII Germany, as well as tapping into our creative brainboxes to begin crafting and typing up our first YA Zine. We also embarked on a TRPL Hunger Games month of November, where local teens competed as “tributes” each week in trivia, scenario challenges, and costume competitions relating to Suzanne Collins dystopian trilogy.

To connect appreciation for local architecture with Blue Balliet’s The Wright 3, the TBC group participated in the Historic Downtown Three Rivers Upstairs-Downstairs tour--a walking tour of the beautifully renovated stores and apartments on Main Street. Eight upstairs units were e on display, plus many street level spaces, with special commentary from those who live and work in those spaces. The tour was a wonderful opportunity to appreciate the gift of our local historic architecture and see what creative uses the spaces are enjoying today!

The Library teens have decided to change the name of TBC (Teen Book Club) to The Inklings, the name of the literary writing and discussion group connected with the University of Oxford, England. The original Inklings were a group where some of the revered classic fantasy writers, notably Tolkien and C.S. Lewis, began to discuss and imagine the literary worlds that we so treasure today.

Here at TRPL, this weekly gathering of teens aged 11-19 has become space to discuss current events, express opinions about the issues happening in school and community, share favorite songs at music-listening gatherings, read and talk about books, and much more. As we prepare to begin a new year in Three Rivers, I’m looking forward to more exciting conversation, creativity, and imagination through books, writing, and crafting here at the Library.

I hope that this blog can also become of forum where local teens can share art, culture, and imaginings and whatever else strikes their fancy.

Bored over the holidays? Check out our YA new release section for all of the best reads of the year! There are also lots of new DVD’s and graphic novels to check out as well. Need some help deciding? We have multiple book lists for Teens on the Library website under the “Young Adult” tab.

Hope you all have a wonderful Holiday season!



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