Hunger Games Movie Kick-Off Recap

Hello fellow Hunger Games readers and fans! Thanks to all the teens who came out for last Wednesday’s HG Kick-off party before the opening of the Hunger Games film on March 23. There were all sorts of Hunger Games-inspired activities and challenges here at TRPL, so I wanted to offer a brief recap of the events of last Wednesday.

First off, we chose our Hunger Games names! This was a quirky name generator, compliments of the blog, Forever Young Adult.  That’s right, folks!  No longer shall you have to suffer the slings and arrows of having a normal name.

The rules are simple!  Just write down your answer for each of the questions, and then combine them in the end.

1) Write down the second syllable of your middle name.

  • If you do not have a middle name – what is wrong with you?  How did you know when your parents were mad at you?  Anyway, you should use the second syllable of your first name.
  • If your middle name is only one syllable, you may use the second syllable of your last name.
  • If none of your names have more than one syllable, your parents obviously read the children’s book Tikki-Tikki-Tembo, and you may use any syllable you like from Tikki-Tikki-Tembo-No-Sa-Rembo-Chari-Bari-Ruchi-Pip-Peri-Pembo’s name.

2) Write down the name of a plant.

3) If you are a female above the age of 30, write down the word “less.”  If you are a female under the age of 30, write down the word “met.”  If you are a man of any age, A) welcome! and B) write down the word “petra.”

4) Write down the first initial of the last name of your favorite English teacher from school.

5) Write down one simple action verb (i.e. “run,” “jump,” etc)

Now, get your results!!

Combine the answer from #1 with the answer from #3.  That is your first name. Your middle initial is the answer to #4. Your last name is your answer to #5 with your answer to #2 added to the end.

My Hunger Games name is . . .{drumroll, please} . . . Sephmet C. Crawlforsythia. There were lots of other great combinations as well…

Next up, Tributes, now marked with their newly generated names, prepared to enter the ‘Cornucopia Challenge’. Teens were broken up into teams and gathered around the ‘Cornucopia’ in the center of the room (a pile of odd objects either literally or symbolically representing survival resources from the novel). At the sound of the bell, one tribute from each team ran into the arena to grab one “survival resource” from the heap. What are these items, you might ask? Well, these objects ranged from a package of crackers, anti-venom serum (fake, of course), a water bottle, sleeping bag, tarp, blanket, “knife”, shield, “arrows”, band-aids, medicine, etc…you get the idea. (Note: none of these objects were used in violent or competitive scenarios. The challenge was purely hypothetical!) Tagging off one at a time, the tributes raced into the Cornucopia until all of the items were gone. Teams then gathered their loot and prepared to enter 4 days of the Hunger Games–a simulated read-through where teams would encounter various “challenges”, similar to the book, and gain resource points or point deductions for strategic use of Cornucopia objects. After the strenuous challenge of sitting calmly and discerning which objects would be best suited to win each challenge ;), one team did beat out the other with resource points! Scores were added to the board.

Exhausted and worn-out (not really), tributes then assembled Hunger Games survival trail mix to survival the duration of the Games. It was a welcome snack after the race into the Cornucopia.

The next portion of the TRPL Hunger Games included a Trivia challenge/book discussion. Teens were able to test their knowledge of the narrative, characters, themes, and details of Suzanne Collins’ Hunger Games while also discussing the large characteristics of this dystopic society (and what literature says to us now). This piece seemed especially significant, as the series contains some rich discussion material surrounding censorship, surveillance, media consumption, entertainment, violence, classism, government, etc.  Each teen had a personal dry-erase surface to write their answers and hold up when finished.  Many of the questions for the Hunger Games Trivia Challenge can be sourced to Bethany Media Center!

Lastly, the TRPL Hunger Games kick-off party ended with spray paint! That’s right, what could be more subversive to the Capital (Panem) than to spray paint the symbol of rebellion, the Mockingjay, to one’s very own book tote! Ha. A stencil was cut out of cardboard and teens went outside to the Library lawn to spray gold, red, black, green and orange paint (some mixed and layered) to blank white totes. The Three Rivers Commercial News photographed one teen in action. (pictured right)

All in all, the TRPL Hunger Games movie kick-off party was a success. Each “tribute” left the Library with their very own section of rope and survival knot-tying handbook as well as various prizes for the Cornucopia and Trivia challenges: The Unofficial Hunger Games Cookbook, a Jabberjay card game, a Hunger Games tote bag, a free movie ticket to a weekend showing, and fair trade chocolate bars.

If you’ve watched the film or read the book(s), write a film and/or book review for the TRPL Teens Blog! (and work towards a Lowry’s gift certificate!) Happy Reading and Viewing!


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