More New Books

Zero by Tom Leveen

Zero (Amanda) feels like she is just about as worthwhile as her half-joking nickname. Everything looked good for awhile – art college, best friend, avoidance of family turmoil – but it can’t (and doesn’t) last. Will a new guy in her life save the summer or will help and a new perspective come from a totally unexpected place?







Love and Haight by Susan Carlton

What could be more exciting than NewYear’s Eve in San Francisco with a best friend and cool aunt? Well, for 17-year-old Chloe, everything would be better if she wasn’t pregnant and planning a secret abortion. But, it’s 1971 and things aren’t as easy as they initially appear, causing Chloe to spin into a web of lies and betrayal and deep questions about what it is she really wants.

love and haight






This is Not a Test by Courtney Summers

Much more than just a twist on typical zombie fare, This is Not a Test tells the story of Sloane Price who, when holed up with five others inside Cortege High, a weak shelter against the threat to their survival outside, she is not sure she even wants to survive. Her world has already collapsed and she hasn’t found a reason to keep going. But everything changes as she spends the slow-moving days with others who do want to live.







The Unbearable Book Club for Unsinkable Girls by Julie Schumacher

It might not be every girl’s dream to spend the summer participating in a mother-daughter book club and maybe even less so when the other girls in the club aren’t even your friends. But membership isn’t voluntary and since they are all going into 11th grade AP English together, Adrienne Haus, the narrator tries to adjust. As Adrienne tells us, though, that’s not the whole story and ‘literary death’ isn’t the only kind they end up dealing with.

unbearable book club for unsinkable girls






Radiant Days by Elizabeth Hand

This is an explosive and vibrant story that reaches across time to capture the modern (1970s) world of 18-year-old artist Merle and the war torn 19th century one of poet Arthur Rimbaud and the connection between them. The creative premise is fully realized in the fullness of the characters and the beauty of the prose.

radiant days






Team Human by Justine  Larbalestier and Sarah Rees Brannan

Both touching and comic, lovers of Twilight may enjoy the vampire theme of Team Human but should also be prepared for a bit of parody. Throughout, Mel struggles to save people who don’t want to be saved, avoid the vampires of her town while being plunged repeatedly among them. No matter, the adventure inevitably pulls her in and whether we are laughing or horrified, we are along for the ride.







The Immortal Rules by Julie Kagawa

Allison is barely surviving, scavenging for food by day and avoiding the rabids who would eat her by night. Faced with death, Allie must join the monsters she despises and seek out a way to save herself and those who would just as soon see her dead. In this grimy, post-apocalyptic dystopia, vampires may reign but they haven’t confronted the scrappy determinism of one of YA’s most engaging heroines.

immortal rules






Fat Kid Rules the World by K.L. Going

This multi-award-winning novel tells the story of enormous Troy Billings – the title fat kid – who is considering throwing himself in front of subway train. Until he meets Curt, that is, a punk rocker who sees through Troy’s size to something that Troy himself needs desperately to see.







Dust Girl by Sarah Zettel

Combining dust bowl history and grittiness (literally) with fairy fantasy, Dust Bowl tells the story of Callie LeRoux who sets out on a journey west to locate her missing parents, only to find herself smack in the middle of a fairy war whose factions believe Callie may possess the unique power they hope to claim.







Dreamhunter by Elizabeth Knox

Laura’s world is like our own except for one thing: it is adjacent to the Place, a land only accessible to a few, the dreamhunters. Laura and her cousin Rose are now old enough to discover if they will follow in their parents’ footsteps and become dreamhunters but their ‘dream’ is soon to become a nightmare.







Dreamquake by Elizabeth Knox

In this companion to Dreamhunter, the story of Laura’s family of Dreamhunters continues with revelations about the true plans behind the dreamscape and the secrets that might be life-risking to reveal.



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