New Books for the New Year

Little Blue Lies by Chris Lynch –

Oliver and Junie loved each other but now Junie says it’s over. Does she mean it. Oliver can’t be sure because she – both of them, really, are not very honest. And then Oliver hears that Junie has a lottery ticket that her father’s boss, the head of a crime syndicate, is making her give to him. Oliver doesn’t know where Junie is and fears she’s in danger. What do you do when the person you want to look for may not want to be found?

little blue lies




The Right Fight by Chris Lynch –

Chris Lynch has won acclaim for his series of Vietnam novels and is now back with a series about World War II of which The Right Fight is the first. The story follows Roman, an avid baseball player who decides that his love of sports does not equal his love for his country and his desire to join up with troops headed overseas. He finds himself in North Africa fighting an enemy and in a landscape that will test his skills, his fortitude, and his commitment.

The Right Fight





The Impossible Knife of Memory by Laurie Halse Anderson –

Hayley Kincain hopes that, now that she and her father Andy have settled back in his home town after five years of traveling, his memories of Iraq can finally fade into the past and they can have their lives again. But Andy continues to spiral downward and it’s not just his memories that seem bent on destroying their lives. Hayley has some of her own. What can a child do to save a parent and how far she should go sacrificing her own life to find out? A wise and engaging treatment of PTSD and the effect it has not only on its victims but on the people around them.

impossible knife of memory





The True Tale of the Monster Billy Dean telt by hisself by David Almond –

Billy Dean is no longer alive but that doesn’t mean that his world is not filled with dreams and stories and warnings.  When Billy’s father dies, though, Billy can no longer stay in his bed and the real truth of what happened to him and to his town on the day he was born comes out. While Billy works to bring healing to the world, there is one who wants to stop him, who seems bent on revenge.

true tale





First Love by James Patterson (and Emily Raymond) –

A road trip story in which the perenniel ‘good girl’ Axi  steps out of character to invite her best friend (and secret love) Robinson to accompany her. While impulsivity doesn’t come naturally to Axi, a little carefree adventure seems just the thing – until everything begins to spiral out of control.






Picture Me Gone by Meg Rosoff –  

Mila has all the skills necessary for detective work – a great memory for details, heightened observational abilities, and faith in human nature. But when her father’s best and longest friend goes missing just days before Mila and her dad are scheduled to visit, only the first two seem to be serving her well. Matthew’s disappearance reflects not only on his character specifically but becomes a lens for Mila to peek into the adult world her parents occupy and see a reflection of sometimes unwelcome but startlingly vivid insights into the human condition.

picture me gone





And now available on audio –

Rose Under Fire by Elizabeth Wein

Rose is an american pilot working transport for the British Navy during WWII when she is captured over German territory and taken to the infamous Ravensbrook concentration camp. Over the next six months, Rose experiences appalling circumstances and is witness to unspeakable horrors, keeps herself and her friends alive with songs and poetry of her childhood and of her own devising. Once released, Rose struggles to find herself again, connect with her co-prisoners and make some sense of the events through the trials of Nazi perpetrators. While loosely connected to Code Name Verity (a multi-award winner) this novel stands alone in both content and merit. 

rose under fire

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