From ‘Master Chef’ to ‘School of Rock ,’ Summer Sizzles With These Camps for Teens

All year long, the idea of summer tantalizes us with images of hot lazy days with no early alarm clock and no homework. It doesn’t usually take long, though, before all that free time begins to feel a little burdensome and boredom sets in.  Well, the teen Summer Camps at the library may be just the solution you’ll be looking for.  Our one- or two-week long afternoon camps offer fun, fascinating and teen-focused activities in a relaxed skill-building environment.

Camp One – Woodworking –  June 16 to 20. Over the course of this week, participants will measure, frame and finish a beautiful wood cabinet that will be used as an information kiosk for the library. Led by master carpenter Gary Nofsinger, everybody will get a chance to use both hand and power tools and contribute to a lasting feature of our community (not to mention learning some ‘handy’ skills in the bargain.)

Camp Two – Technology –  June 23 to 27. Once built, our new information kiosk will need to be outfitted with completely up-to-date streaming infographics. That’s what this week’s camp is all about – designing and building a digital information platform so that everybody who walks into the library will see our amazing kiosk and experience all that the community has to offer in graphic form. Nick Jackson, local computer wizard, will be the instructor for this cutting edge opportunity.

Camp Three – Screenwriting/Film – July 7 to 11 AND July 14 to 18. This two week camp will take us through the entire process of writing a script and developing it into a film. Whether you see yourself as a writer, actor, director, editor or producer, all skills will be needed to contribute to the final product (and potential youtube sensation!)

Camp Four – Localization/Culinary Arts – July 28 to August 1. Cooking is one of the most enjoyable and useful skills to learn and even more so when it involves accessing ingredients directly from local producers and sources. Not only will we create amazing dishes every day, we’ll collect the recipes into a cookbook that can then be shared with family and friends.

Camp Five – Music – August 11 to 15 and August 18 to 22 (performance on August 23.) The highlight of our camp season will be this year’s two-week music camp. Assisted by professional instrumental and vocal instructors/performers, we will explore the history of rock and roll through games, videos, master classes, ensembles and individual instruction. Whether you’ve played an instrument before or learned to use your voice or not, here is a chance to develop your music ‘personality.’

ALL CAMPS are scheduled from 1 to 5 p.m. daily. Brochures with all the information and a sign-up form are available at the library, on our website ( or send Beth an email at (which is also the best way to get your questions answered, if you have any.) Library summer camps are free.

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