The Mythology of Writing

Your beliefs about writing may actually be sabotaging the process. Here are some myths about writing and some different ways of thinking about them. Myth: Characters will take on their own personalities and will, at some point, move the narration along as if they were the ones speaking. Reality: Don’t count on it. It might […]

Hunger Games Movie Kick-Off Recap

Hello fellow Hunger Games readers and fans! Thanks to all the teens who came out for last Wednesday’s HG Kick-off party before the opening of the Hunger Games film on March 23. There were all sorts of Hunger Games-inspired activities and challenges here at TRPL, so I wanted to offer a brief recap of the events of last Wednesday. […]

TRPL Hunger Games–Results are coming!

Greetings, fans of The Hunger Games! Congratulations to the participants in the TRPL Hunger Games competition last evening at the Library! We kicked off the event with a viewing of the Official trailer for the upcoming Hunger Games movie, appearing March 23, 2012. We created our very own 1st annual TRPL Hunger Games here at the Library. Three Rivers […]